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Our Team

Our team is composed of multidisciplinary experts, who have wide experience in infrastructure, innovation and environmental projects.


All have participated in numerous engineering projects, which required in-depth technical 

understanding, project finance capabilities, as well as know-how in structuring PPPs, BOTs, and full concessions in the water and energy sectors.​

Ou consulting services are led by Shimon Constante, who has has participated in modeling and executing innumerous multimillion dollar projects of water efficiency, public illumination, energy efficiency, as well as smart cities.


Our main focus is in strategic consulting for water utilities concessions and PPPs; focused on turnaround transactions and efficiency. M&A of concessions and large scale water operations. Various water, sewage and effluent treatment BOTs and long term contracts. 

In the energy sector we provide strategic consulting for solar energy concessions. Public illumination concessions and BOTs. Energy efficiency O&M projects. Performance based projects, as well as Smart City.


We focus on projects where innovation can create a distinctive difference. Innovation is not limited to technology, rather it is composed of innovative business models, project financials, and contract structures.  

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News & Publications

20 APRIL 2023

Intelligent membranes can help solve greatest global challenges, like clean water

Researchers from the National Graphene Institute (NGI) have made 'intelligent' membranes whose 'memory' can be used in areas like smart separation technology, wound management, drug delivery, sensors and memory devices.

Our Expertise

Apr 18, 2023

This innovative model links corporations with farmers to improve water security in Latin America

In response to these challenges, Kilimo, a climate technology or climatech company, developed a model that connects farmers willing to use technology to make water use more efficient with private companies who have made water-positive commitments and are willing to pay for those savings. In doing so, Kilimo became the first company in Latin America to economically compensate farmers for using technology and saving water, generating long-term changes in their irrigation practices and contributing to water security in Latin American watersheds.


6 April 2023

Is Brazil’s private water market set to cool off?

Yesterday, Brazil’s new president Lula da Silva signed two decrees that could turn the tide in the country’s water sector. The new decrees favour public regulated water service providers by allowing state-owned utilities to directly provide water and wastewater services in certain types of regional blocs without issuing a public tender.

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February 24, 2023

Biden-Harris Administration Announces $2.4 Billion for Clean Water Infrastructure Upgrades Through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

Nearly half of funding for states, Tribes, and territories is available as grants and forgivable loans for critical water infrastructure projects that will help underserved communities across the country

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