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Our Team

Our team is composed of multidisciplinary experts, who have wide experience in infrastructure, innovation and environmental projects.


All have participated in numerous engineering projects, which required in-depth technical 

understanding, project finance capabilities, as well as know-how in structuring PPPs, BOTs, and full concessions in the water and energy sectors.​

Ou consulting services are led by Shimon Constante, who has has participated in modeling and executing innumerous multimillion dollar projects of water efficiency, public illumination, energy efficiency, as well as smart cities.


Our main focus is in strategic consulting for water utilities concessions and PPPs; focused on turnaround transactions and efficiency. M&A of concessions and large scale water operations. Various water, sewage and effluent treatment BOTs and long term contracts. 

In the energy sector we provide strategic consulting for solar energy concessions. Public illumination concessions and BOTs. Energy efficiency O&M projects. Performance based projects, as well as Smart City.


We focus on projects where innovation can create a distinctive difference. Innovation is not limited to technology, rather it is composed of innovative business models, project financials, and contract structures.  

News & Publications

January 13, 2021

In The Green: Embracing Innovation To Finance The New Localized Water Infrastructure. 

An uncommon financing model is proving effective at resolving an all-too-common issue throughout the U.S. — underfunded water infrastructure needs.

It is a shiny new year and a brand new day in the water sector. An increased focus on water equity and affordability is coinciding with emerging finance mechanisms for unconventional water strategies. This article briefly explores these trends and highlights several communities and utilities leading the way.


January 12, 2021

BNDES apoia Estado de Alagoas na estruturação de projeto de concessão de mais dois blocos de saneamento. 

O Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social (BNDES) dará seguimento à estruturação de concessões em saneamento básico no Estado de Alagoas, que nesta segunda fase pode incluir até 88 municípios, com o objetivo de melhorar e ampliar os serviços prestados a cerca de 2,2 milhões de pessoas. Este é o segundo leilão no setor de saneamento em que o Banco apoia o Governo do Estado. Em setembro 2020, houve a operação para a outorga da gestão de água e esgoto das 13 cidades que compõem a Grande Maceió – o bloco A, com investimentos previstos em infraestrutura na ordem de R$ 2,6 bilhões, em benefício de 1,5 milhão de alagoanos.


Jun. 25, 2020

Brazil’s Senate passed a bill Wednesday paving the way to privatize state-owned water and sanitation companies and attract more private investment to the badly languishing sector.

The bill, which President Jair Bolsonaro plans to sign, aims to bring better service to the 35 million Brazilians who lack clean drinking water and 100 million whose sewage gets dumped raw, without ever being treated, its sponsors said.

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Jun. 16, 2020

The Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works passed the America’s Water Infrastructure Act of 2020 (AIWA) in early May. The bill is expected to be voted on and passed by the House and the Senate later this year. 

The EPA Drinking Water report estimates water utilities need investments of $472.6 billion over 20 years, while the CWNS indicates wastewater infrastructure needs of $271.0 billion over 20 years.

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